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Matrix Imaging Solutions

Matrix Imaging Solutions, Inc.

Alan Olivero, Dave Basta, Dan Hare and Rich Profeta
Matrix Imaging Solutions, Inc.
Niagara SBDC

Alan Olivero wasn’t happy simply satisfying customers’ needs. That was the inspiration for Matrix Imaging Solutions’ evolution from a traditional printing business to one that uses data transfer systems to manage and mail customer billing and other documents for large and small firms; track clients’ products with a cradle-to-grave software program; and convert documents to electronic form. As Olivero, MIS’s founder and chief executive officer described it, “We took a different approach to printing.”

Most of Matrix’s success can be attributed to its innovative approach and the teamwork and expertise of its hands-on owners: Alan Olivero, Rich Profeta, Dave Basta, and Dan Hare. The company was able to take advantage of the labor force, low-interest loans, and tax advantages in Western New York to grow, expanding its services and eventually opening satellite offices in Holbrook, NY, to serve the metro NYC area, and Fort Worth, TX, to serve the Southwestern states.

SBDC played a part in the success as well. Beginning in 1997, SBDC business advisor Deanna Brennen assisted Matrix’s owners through expansions of production facilities and implementation of software applications with business planning and financial advice. MIS’ newest facility in Vantage Pointe Industrial Park was significant in that it enabled the company to consolidate production and incorporate new production technology. The new facility provides an effective working environment for Matrix’s productive and congenial workforce of 70 employees. Matrix’s owners expect the business will do $12 million in business in 2006, expect the business to double in five years, and then triple within the next decade.

Matrix Imaging Solutions was featured as a regional success story of the year in the SBDC 2005 Annual Report, and was named SBDC’s High Tech Entrepreneur of the Year in 2006.

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