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SBDC Hall of Fame


Pro-Mold, Inc.

Mike Jelfo, Roger Reiner & Jeff Genovese
Pro-Mold, Inc.
Brockport SBDC

Pro-Mold earned its reputation as one of the leading designers and builders of customer injection molds, die cast dies, and related products after 22 years of attention to quality and customer service. It took a lot more than just hard work to reach its current success. In 2001, after nearly six grueling months of meetings and negotiations with company representatives, bankers, state and county agency representatives, and SBDC advisors, the deal nearly collapsed when a fourth partner dropped out at a critical juncture. Finally, the merger was completed. After pledging everything they owned, the partners merged Pro-Mold with a division of Liberty Precision Industries.

The two companies specialized in the design, manufacture, and service of plastics and die cast mold tooling. The Group, the division of Liberty Precision, specialized in larger molds, from 500 to 15,000 pounds.  Pro-Mold specialized in molds from 75 to 4,000 pounds. Before the merger, the companies had worked cooperatively and were subcontractors for each other. The horizontal merger of the two created a new company that offered customers a more efficient and cost effective alternative, and enabled the partners to expand their market nationally.

Pro-Mold achieved success by concentrating on their core business - producing a variety of custom tools.  As a tier-one custom mold maker, the company is a global supplier to Fortune 500 companies such as Eastman Kodak, Xerox, and Bausch and Lomb. The ordeal of Pro-Mold’s owners typifies the experience and characteristics of most successful entrepreneurs – sacrifice, hard work, perseverance, extremely supportive families, and the willingness to take risks to achieve goals.

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