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SBDC Hall of Fame

Rosa Kasperovich

Rosa Kasperovich

Rosa Kasperovich
Rose's Funeral Home
Stony Brook SBDC

Rosa Kasperovich wanted to open a funeral home that would give African-Americans in her community a comfortable place to grieve their lost loved ones.  She was trained as a nurse, but then gained experience as an embalmer and earned her funeral director license.  She remains committed to using her 25 years of experience to serve the community with understanding and a woman's touch.

When Rosa decided to pursue her dream, she was surprised to find local lending institutions were reluctant to give her a loan, even though she was a licensed funeral director with experience working in the field. Business Adviser Gloria Glowacki helped her develop a business plan that persuaded the banker to take another look and fund the venture. In 2002, Rosa was able to obtain additional funding to build a new facility. Her persistence, hard work, and desire to serve the community have enabled Rosa to achieve her dream.

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