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Salem Organic Soils

Salem Organic Soils

Brent LaMour and Shawn Goff
Salem Organic Soils
Mid-Hudson SBDC

Brent LaMour and Shawn Goff, realizing there were a lot of horses in the region that were creating potentially large environmental problem - piles of horse manure - wondered if there was a creative resolution to this problem.

They experimented with the addition of natural organic materials to the manure and created a product called "Sweet Peet" - an agricultural supplement that is 100% environmentally compatible.  The product was featured on one of Martha Stewart's shows and then gained further exposure from an on-air discussion of the product by Martha and Rosie O'Donnell when Martha appeared on Rosie's talk show.  All of a sudden there was a great demand for "Sweet Peet."

Key Bank referred the partners to the SBDC in 1999.  The SBDC worked with Brent and Shawn to develop a business plan, complete the patent process, and develop a national distribution policy including licensing requirements. As a result of the national exposure on the television shows, there was a great deal of interest across the country. The first franchise contract was negotiated with individuals in Illinois, and many more such licenses are anticipated in the near future.  Each licensed franchise is projected to create 5 to 10 jobs and generate estimated revenues of more than $600,000.

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