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Larry and Cindy Salerno

Larry and Cindy Salerno

Larry and Cindy Salerno
Tarjac Inc.
Onondaga SBDC

Larry and Cindy Salerno originally had a lawn and garden business.  The craftsmanship that eventually led to the business success was one of Larry's hobbies. The business started when Larry, an avid bow hunter, received a gift from the marketing manager of Oneida Bow. Larry decided he could improve on the bow's camouflage pattern using an airbrushing process.  When the president of Oneida Bow saw Larry's improvements on the bow, he asked Larry to produce more for him.  He first asked for 10 and then started to send orders for 50 a month. The business was now born in the Salerno's back yard shed.  When the orders increased to 100 per month, they hired their first employee.  The business then expanded from just camouflaging hunting bows to shotguns, rifles and pistols. Soon the business was generating more money than the lawn and garden business so the Salernos closed the original business.

The Salernos visited the SBDC in the early 90's for assistance in securing financing for expanding the business. They returned to the SBDC in 1996 for assistance in funding further expansion and facilitating the installation of equipment for a new camouflage dipping process.

The Salernos currently employ 54 individuals and are putting a 14,000 square foot addition on to the existing 24,000 square foot building in Seneca County, an area that has had significant job losses in recent years. The New York SBDC named Tarjac "Manufacturer of the Year" in 1996.

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