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SBDC Hall of Fame

William Levine

William Levine

William Levine
W. L. Concepts and Production
Farmingdale SBDC

Bill Levine, a veteran, worked for a major display and graphics company for 20 years – and then the company went out of business.  After losing his job, he applied and was accepted to participate in the Self Employment Assistance Program and then consulted the SBDC.  With SBDC assistance, Bill completed his business plan, received private funding, contacted some previous clients to re-establish working relationships, and launched his business. Within a few months, Bill opened a home office and began to take orders.

Fifteen months later, Bill had a contract with a famous men’s clothing line and a contract to remodel 35 branches for a national bank. In December 2000, he moved the business into a larger facility. He had become a one-stop graphics supplier to businesses and the retail industry. Bill now has three employees which he provides healthcare insurance, profit sharing and a generous bonus vacation package. He shares his growing success with the community by purchasing local goods and services and using local businesses whenever possible. In 2003, Bill returned to the SBDC for assistance in obtaining some government contracts.

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